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Amethyst Dreams Bath Salts

  • Amethyst Dreams Bath Salts
  • Amethyst Dreams Bath Salts

Amethyst Dreams Bath Salts 16 oz.
Relax & Unwind with this powerful spiritual Amethyst bath salt blend.
Amethyst Dreams is the best energy cleansing bath ritual combination of 3 sacred plants, ethically sourced Lavender, Sage & Palo Santo. Epsom Salt high in magnesium to reduce pain and inflamation as well as 100MG of plant medicine to help with aching and sore muscles. Kaolin Clay to gently purify, soothe and detoxify skin. Sage is known for its energy clearing properties, Palo Santo not only rids user of negative energy it also brings in a fresh air of good energy and is very grounding. Lavender is not only an amazing natural sedative it also helps you reach a deeper spiritual connection and automatically connects you with your third eye. Every bag contains a beautiful Moon charged Amethyst tumbled crystal which is a natural stress reliever and provides clarity.

Make sure to collect crystals, they can be reused in multiple baths, for meditation or placed on personal altar.
Directions: Add 1/3 of the product for each bath (3 uses)or use scoop included to add desired amount.