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  • High Vibe Bathbombs
  • High Vibe Bathbombs
  • High Vibe Bathbombs
  • High Vibe Bathbombs

Sleepy Time Bath Bomb.
This Bathbomb was created to help you have a goodnight sleep and cleanse your mind, body and soul with the hypnotizing aroma of Lavender and Clary Sage along with 30MG of medicinal plants, which has anti-inflamatory and anti-aging properties. Infused with Amethyst crystals which have a soothing relaxing effect and promote healthy sleep.

Rose Glam Crystal Infused Bath Bomb.
Relax, unwind and raise your vibrations with this bathbomb, Made with Rose oil which is one of the highest vibrational essential oils 320Hz. Naturally colored with Micas and French Rose Clay which is effective at drawing toxins and impurities from the skin, without harshly depleting the skins moisture. Rose Quartz infused to attract self love and love around the user. No Artificial colors or scents, No Polysorbates, Aluminum free, No toxins

Black Onyxx Protection & Strenght Bath Bomb

Black Onyx is a stone of protection and strenght. It shields the user from negative energy. calms fear, gives strenght and it absorbs any unpleasant vibes. White Sage and Lemon herbal scent to cleanse your mind body and soul, 30 MG of medicinal plants. Vegan.


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