One on one consultation call

  • One on one consultation call
  • One on one consultation call
  • One on one consultation call

One on one consultation call

One-on-one consultation call sessions are offered to individuals to help them make safe and informed decisions regarding plant medicine engagement/therapy. You can use the session to gain more knowledge about plant medicine, clarify your goals, bring up and process specific matters you wish to work through, set your intentions, ask questions and gather resources to move forward. Sessions hold a confidential, validating, non-judgemental conversation combined with proactive coaching, so we work together to identify the root causes of any issues with a solution-focused mindset.

* Curious about plant medicine and non-ordinary states of consciousness and interested in learning if they are right for you, and how to move forward
* Preparing for a plant medicine ceremony experience and want to learn how to navigate it safely, effectively, increase confidence and minimize the chance for a “bad trip”
* Experienced with plant medicine and want to know how to integrate and interpret the insights, increase your understanding of the lessons and relate them your life, and sustain the healing effects.

* Consultation topics are customized to each client’s unique needs
* Confidentiality and ethical boundaries are maintained throughout.
* Consultations are currently conducted virtually (via Zoom conference) or by phone only.


Ancestral plant users who cultivate mindfulness before and after may greatly minimize potential harm and increase potential benefits associated with ceremonial experiences.
* Preparation for plant medicine and ceremonies.
* Post-experience integration support
Plant medicine integration sets the stage for a safe, deep and effective healing experience. It then helps the user increase their understanding of the lessons, learn how to utilize them for Self improvement and positive transformation, accelerate the therapeutic process and sustain the healing indefinitely.
Adequate preparation for ancestral ceremonies experiences decreases the chance for a “bad” or “negative” trip by up to 90%, and protects both the user and the public from unfortunate situations that can be easily prevented. Psychological and physical risks can be nearly eliminated.
Integration helps the user acquire Self mastery, life management and optimization skills to advance and potentiate their lives, as well as the lives of those around them.

1hr duration

You will receive an immediate confirmation email with all call details, and a reminder 48 hours prior to your session.

Confidentiality and ethical boundaries are maintained throughout.

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