Vitamin C Anti-aging Cleanser

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  • Vitamin C Anti-aging Cleanser

Vitamin C Anti- Aging Hemp infused Cleanser 8oz.
Amber glass jar.

Vitamin C Facial Cleanser gently and thoroughly cleans your skin without drying. Removes all traces of makeup, excess oils and debris. Key Ingredient Benefits: Vitamin C builds collagen and is effective against free-radicals. Promotes healthy skin. Delivers antioxidants in to skin cells. Vitamin C synergistically works with Vitamin E to maximize skin health. Santa Maria Promotes wound healing, helps restore damaged cell, reduces redness itching and inflammation, improves hydration. Helps to reduce dryness and smooths skin. Avocado Oil: Is high in fatty acids, and naturally moisturizes skin. Rich in Vitamin E and contains nutrients that nourish skin.
Use: Use a dime size amount of cleanser, with lukewarm water gently buff away debris, excess oil and makeup using upward motions. Rinse, pat dry. Tone and apply appropriate moisturizer for skin type.


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